Progress Photos of My Latest Painting

I have always wanted to take progress photos as I work on a painting. So this time, I actually did it! Woo-hoo! It’s definitely not my favorite painting I’ve done so far. But I liked watching it come to life. I hope you enjoy!

20140611_195822I went to Walmart to pick up a fresh canvas, but they didn’t have the size I wanted. So I had to settle for this weird shape. Come on, inspiration. Come at me!

-337788-4309x2883Hey, Machu Picchu looks beautiful. That reminds: I wonder if The Emperor’s New Groove was supposed to be at Machu Picchu? That looks like the mountain from the movie. Hmmm….

Anyway, how can I fit this majestic mountain palace onto that weirdly-shaped canvas?

-337788-4309x2883That might work. Let’s do this.


And that first layer took a whole night to dry because of this darn humidity! Whatever. I’ll just watch The Emperor’s New Groove.

20140612_211753Grrr… this grey sky is just not working out like I’d hoped.

20140613_085356Okay, I’ll stop with the commentary now. Basically it took three days to finish and it’s comme-ci, comme-ca.




All done! “Machu Picchu,” acrylic on stretched canvas, 14 x 7 inches, June 13, 2014




  1. I can comment on your picture, I love it. It has a very open, airy feeling, well like being in the mountains. Keep painting Deborah, you are very good. Your advice to William and Mayra was very sound and what you already know, took me many years to find out. I’ll comment on your shopping trip later, it was a little too much to take in all at once. But one think that went through my mind was, “this would make a great virtual TV show. yes, you and Max. I would watch it and hang the commercials. That’s why I got rid of TV watching, because of the commercials. I love you guys. I love this page, very entertaining.,Grandma

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