Month: June 2014

Thoughts I Always Have In The Grocery Store

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Okay, I’ve got my list, I’ve got my reusable bags, and my husband. Let’s do this.

First up: produce. Wow, why does every dish I want to make involve tomatoes? Can you overdose on tomatoes? I don’t know. “Seven of these.”

Which is the cheapest potato? I know there is an actual difference between the types of potatoes, but aren’t yellow and gold really the same thing? Just get the cheapest.

Oh my goodness why are the plastic bag thingys never close to the food I get?! Oh there’s one! It’s empty, of course.

I look like I’m possessed right now, just wandering around looking through people trying to find the green peppers. Oh! There they are. No, you take your time with your little hand-held space-age check-out gun thing. It’s cool. I didn’t just start.

These were $1.49 each last week, and this week they are 3/5. Is that better? Can I eat three avocados before they spoil? I don’t know. Let’s move on.

Okay, meat. Let’s see… holy not okay! Why does this chicken cost so much? Where are these chickens living, Beverly Hills? What is happening?! Whatever; girl gotta eat.

Just pick a cereal from the wall of cereal choices. Why on earth do we need a whole wall of cereal? Also, I thought cereal was, like, the cheap college kid staple? In don’t care. Fact: Honey Nut Cheerios are totally worth $5 a box.

Aaaaaannnd, canned goods. Garbanzo beans vs. chickpeas. They look exactly the same in the picture, and cost the same. So why do they have different names? Which one do I get? Ahh! I can’t choose! What if I’m wrong?! Okay, one of each.

Oh, old people having a nice chat in the middle of the aisle. How sweet. How about moving it along. Make a date, gentlemen. They only make these two-carts wide. That’s it: read my panicking facial expression. I only need two things in the Asian Foods section, so let’s boogy.

Why aren’t the Ramen Noodles in the Asian Food section? They are the most Asian thing we eat! What on earth is galangal? I need to get out of here.

Tuna: 10 of $10. That looks good. What a second, this not-as-colorful, smaller sign on the “Valu Foods” brand tuna is 80 cents each. Haha, you thought you would get me. I saw through your trickery. I saw…

Getting there, just a few more things. Ma’am: that child of your’s throwing a tantrum is in my way, and he’s going to get run over. Smile at her so she doesn’t know you think her child is a waste of space. That’s it. Yell at him for being in my way. Nice.

And we’re off! Wow, this country is way too into frozen foods. We have a problem. But these aisles are sooo much wider, so maybe I should buy more frozen foods. Look at all this space! I could dance in here!

Should I get frozen pizza? That would make things easier. You know what, no. It never looks as good in real life as on the box.

What time is it? What the cuss?! Stop & Shop? More like “Stop & get all your time sucked up while you shop.”

Cheese. My best friend. Get the largest block of the sharpest cheddar you see. Who even cares how much it costs: it’s heaven!!

Checkin’ things of my list, gettin’ closer to the end. Nah nah nah nah

Now, what are these random things left? Of course! The last two things on my list are waaaay over on the other side of the store. Perfect. This store should be arranged in the order of my list. That would be super helpful. Thanks.

Man, I’m hungry. Maybe I should get a snack for the way home. Oh! These ice cream bars look good. 3 bars in a pack!? What the what? Massimo is going to be super bummed when he only gets one.

Now, to search for the shortest check-out line. Scanning, scanning. This looks good. I’ll start putting my food down just in time to notice a much shorter lane to my left. *Puts the oranges on the belt* There it is! Whatever. I’m committed.

Yes, I have a card. Why on earth would I shop here if I didn’t? Git me them points!

$173!!! Is that really necessary?! I mean, look at us. We don’t have that.

Okay, whatever. It’s mine now. Done. I did it! I’m a survivor! Let’s never do that again.



Immigrant Children, DACA, and the Sex Trade

Dry Desert_200dpiHere are the facts, as I’ve found them. However, this story continues to unfold.

There has been a huge spike in the number of unaccompanied, undocumented minors crossing the border into the US in the last few years, and especially this year. According to CBS News, the average annual numbers began to double back in fiscal year 2012, when 13,625 such immigrants came. That number doubled again the next year, and I have seen on several sources that the border patrol expects to see 90,000 of these minors this year. Most of these children are from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Unaccompanied minors will not be turned away if they are not from a bordering country (Canada and Mexico), CNN says. They are not sneaking in to the country, either. Rather, they tend to report themselves to a Border Patrol site. The Border Patrol will turn them over to the Department of Health and Human Services. Most often they are released to relatives in the US. Most of them do not show up for subsequent court dates.

Some children, though, do not have relatives here, and can’t be sent home. These kids are ‘in limbo’, having no place to go. Texas has been so overwhelmed by the surge this year, that it is busing the children to makeshift shelters in Arizona. Obama has called this an “urgent humanitarian situation,” as agencies are getting overwhelmed, the children have no place to go, and they are showing up hundreds at a time.

The White House is scrambling to take efficient actions, and of course the finger-pointing is in full-force. The administration has asked for $2 billion to deal with the crisis.

Some say that the surge has been caused by violence and poverty in the immigrants’ home countries. Others say it is thanks to Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

DACA was created by President Obama by executive order in June 2012, in response to the failed DREAM Act. DACA allows an opportunity for some undocumented childhood arrivals to be granted deferred action for 2 years with the possibility of renewal. This simply means they will not be deported. They may also receive employment authorization.

DACA is designed to focus on public safety, by allocating the Department of Homeland Security resources on those childhood arrivals who pose the greatest public threat. Meeting all the qualifications for DACA does not mean you are granted DACA status; the administration still holds a lot of discretion.

Working at the Civil Justice Clinic at Quinnipiac University School of Law, I saw first-hand how complex, time-consuming, and unpredictable DACA is. In addition, since DACA was created by executive order, and no one really knows how permanent executive orders are, it can be taken away or changed extremely easily now, or with the next administration. The only certainty with DACA is uncertainty.

As DACA exists now, the children arriving at our borders will not be eligible for DACA status, because one of the qualifications is that you must have been physically present in the US on June 15, 2012, and continually thereafter until your application.

Even though DACA as it is will not help these kids, I think it is still relevant because I do not think it is a coincidence that the surge of immigrant children happened at the same time as the implementation of DACA. That is just too remarkable.

Also, DACA could always change, and Obama could very well say, “Hey, we have a bunch of kids here now and not enough money to send them back. Let’s re-write this thing.” He could do that. As Bill Cosby would say, “He brought it into this world, and he can take it out (or change it).”

Furthermore, just because the policy doesn’t apply to these kids, it is extremely plausible that their parents back home just heard the part about childhood arrivals getting a break from deportation, and sent their children walking. The power of the public impression cannot be understated. If we were all talking about it (including the man who put it in place) like it was cutting some slack for childhood arrivals, then that is the message that got through. I know how complicated the law is, and how different it is in reality from what people believe.

So what do we do about it? No matter what caused these kids to come here, something has to be done now – and the future is anything but certain. The fact that no matter who made this mess, we have to clean it up.

Immediate Care

We need to get our act together – and fast. These children have traveled hundreds, if not thousands, of miles. They are young, tired, vulnerable, and alone. This whole situation sounds like a feeding-ground for the sex trade and gangs, and no one wants that. They need care and protection and they need it now. I don’t care where their parents are; these kids need help. Get your game together.

They will also need long-term care: lawyers, money, education, homes. There 1,000 homeless orphans living in Arizona right now. We should not be okay with that.


My thoughts are that this surge has many causes, and one of them is a big misunderstanding about the law. I think the message needs to made loud and clear about what the law is, exactly what is going to happen to these kids, and why. And even if DACA does change to include these kids, DACA is not a path to citizenship. It is actually extremely difficult for childhood arrivals to become citizens, especially after a recent Supreme Court Ruling.

Immigration Reform

We all know it needs to get done, but no one can agree on how. No one wants an open border, but we have to do something because the floods of people are not going to stop. We need to make it efficient, more profitable, and safer. I don’t even know what that would look like, I’m not an expert. But I know that as it is, we’re not doing so hot.

What do you think needs to be done about the surge in immigrant children? What do you think are the main causes?


10 Lies TV Tells Us

6b1683288c8111e19e4a12313813ffc0_7There are certain things about television reality that I can accept, like that nothing ever happens unless it’s moving the story forward (no one goes to the bathroom, has a conversation, or eats unless it’s a scene), or that sidekicks never have ANYTHING going on in their own lives, and are just available for coffee. Also, when you imagine your memories, it’s always from a third-person perspective.

However, there are so many things about television I just refuse to accept as reality. And I cannot understand why the most educated, informed, technologically advanced, wealthiest, and most cultured generation in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD cannot make a television show that does not perpetrate these down-right falsities. I just want a great new show that I can believe, okay people? Just make that show. And put it on Netflix. Right away.

Now, to be fair, not all shows advance all of these distortions of reality. But many do, and some worse than others. The important thing, I think, is to be aware of them. The Bible is very clear that lies are from The Evil One, but that God always tells the “Capital-T” Truth. So take a gander at this list I’ve compiled and let me know if I missed any big ones. And please do not accept these lies that entertainment tells us.

1. Marriage

Marriage is a death sentence in television. Marriage is something that you stumble into in a season finale because the actor decided to come back next year. Gone are the Huxtables of yesteryear. Now it’s all about lazy husbands, nagging wives, screaming children, and trying to avoid the inevitable affair (either physical or emotional). Women have to trick men into marrying them, sometimes by pretending to be pregnant. And men totally lose their manhood when they put a ring on it.

Married people on TV are more afraid of “losing themselves” than anything else in the world, and often it seems like the spouses are in a competition to be the most selfish they can possibly be before the other one loses it. And married people are always keeping secrets from each other! Big life-altering things or small “I bought this on an impulse” things – they never tell each other anything. Also married people never have sex and they complain about it all the time, because sex is as important as air or water – it’s essential to life.

2. High School

In what world does high school take place essentially outside, and it’s always sunny and a  breezy 67 degrees? Also, your locker is always next to your best friend,  everyone looks 25, and there’s no dress code? Answer: every movie and television show ever. High school was a huge disappointment when I realized all our hallways were enclosed structures and we had only 3 minutes between classes.

3. College

If college in real life is like it is on TV, then I don’t know why anyone doesn’t go! All they do is hang out with their friends, it’s gorgeous weather all the time, no one cares how much money it is to be there, and classes only happen as an excuse for people to leave a scene. Also it’s all about the Greeks. My college didn’t even have a Greek system. Also it was a dry campus. I basically didn’t go to college.

4. Money

How do these people afford to eat out so much? I mean, seriously!? And in the Great Recession, I’m sure I’m not the only one who got tired of watching yet another great meal out at a restaurant. Why do you have such a nice kitchen if you eat out for every meal?!! If I had those counters and that dishwasher, I would be all up in that space, making whatever for all the meals of all the days.

Also, surprise! We’re going on a flight right now for a very important purpose that could also be accomplished over the phone because I have so much cash available that I can just fly to Italy. And have zero consequences at my job or home. The dog is fed for the next two weeks. Basically, everyone on TV has an endless pile of money they can just access no problem.

5. Sex

I recently saw this article on Relevant Magazine about 3 Lies Entertainment Tells You About Sex, and they really got it right. But there are even more lies about sex that entertainment tells you, that I can’t even start. Just, every time there is anything said or done about sex, sexuality, porn, stripping, or anything else sex-related, just assume it’s false, cause it is.

6. Gender Roles

Women like shopping, champagne, getting their nails done, and handbags so expensive, they could be mortgaged. They only care about how much men like them, how much money they give them, and men won’t do anything unless she tricks him into doing it. Women are in charge of everything, but have to make men feel like they did something good.

Men are valued for their ability to bring home a paycheck. They like beer, sports, vehicles, noise, and guns. Men are basically animals. They can barely function unless it’s to impress a woman. But boy, do they feel good when they win at something. Women don’t get so distracted by that childish competitive stuff, unless it’s competing against other women: in that sport, we all want the secret gold medal.

7. Hair, makeup, and clothing

Bear with me on this one; I took film classes in college. People on television always dress according to their character, which is fine (I understand the importance of visual cues). What I cannot understand are down-right lies, like women waking up with perfect hair and makeup and the “totally inappropriate for the work-place but somehow they can wear that in the officeoutfits. Also, I hate how women’s clothing is often so tight that when they get pregnant and it has to be hidden on the show then it’s a huge ordeal from month 2 and she has to wear parkas and oversize accessories. (Except for Leslie Knope. She’s the bomb.)

Now in all fairness, there are some people in real life who do look that good, but most of us don’t. And none of hang out in jeans; as soon as I get home it’s all about the comfy pants. (Thank you Liz Lemon for showing me I’m not the only one.)

8. Music

When I went to India four years ago, it was my first time being in a foreign country. Before that my only exposure to foreign anything was either in movies or stories from friends. So, naturally, when I was riding in the back of a taxi to Panaji to go shopping, I half-expected there to be some light Indian-style dance jam in the background of my fun shopping/travel montage, a la Mary-Kate and Ashley. But that didn’t happen. Instead, I just heard conversations and honking horns. And that was actually better.

9. Babies

What is the deal with everyone being all about the pregnant lady on the show, but as soon as that baby comes out, it just disappears, and the mom and dad are available for everything they used to do just like they used to. Nothing’s changed and she’s back in her old clothes! And there are no food stains on anyone’s clothes. Oh, television, you crack me up.

10. Legal Practice All Jobs

Everyone on TV is paid plenty, no matter what his or her job. They also have tons of time to take naps, get home for dinner, or have long conversations with friends about personal matters. I know that no job is accurately portrayed on television because I’m going to be a lawyer (hopefully) in a year and I’ve been in law offices for years. I know that lawyers do not run to court every ten minutes, solve a case in a week, and the perp doesn’t confess every time! Lawyers on TV never read, do research, write, or have bad client meetings. They are always running from place to place and having productive  meetings. No wonder they’re so thin! Yeah, that’s not real life. Also no one’s office is that clean. Ever.

Did I miss any big ones? How much do these lies bug you? Which ones bother you the most?



And now, your local news 6-7-14


Snapped at the hospital with Grandpa last week, when he first went in. Today he gets to go home.

Grandpa Bos will be heading home today after almost 8 days in the hospital surrounding his quadruple bypass surgery last Monday. Although he has had some minor setbacks, and the doctors originally estimated release at Sunday or Monday, apparently he has made progress and gets to go home early.

I visited him last night with Massimo and Sarah, and “The Bos” was in excellent spirits and said he was feeling pretty good. “It’s all in God’s hands,” he said positively, “I just have to let it go.”

The entire Bos clan is extremely grateful for the prayers and support of the whole community. We are also so in awe of how God orchestrated the whole procedure, timing, care, and on and on.


My brother William is to marry the beautiful Mayra Paredes June 13 in Lima, Peru.

In other news, Bill (Dad), Shari (Mom), Sarah, and Judith Devenney boarded a flight this morning and started their journey to Peru. The four travelers are bound for Word of Life Camp in Peru for William Devenney’s wedding to Mayra Peredes. The wedding will take place Saturday, June 13 in Lima. The travelers will also be making a pit-stop in El Salvador to see their friends on the way back to the US of A.

The rest of the family is sad they could not attend the fiesta, but this reporter is looking forward to celebrating with the newlyweds at their American Reception June 21. We are praying for you two and hope the travels, last-minute preparations, and the wedding go smoothly and without too much stress. God bless you!

That’s the news for today. Stay tuned for updates.


More on Bees

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. Proverbs 16:24

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I LOVE bees. Ever since I can remember. I probably first loved them because my name means Bumble Bee. But there are several other reasons I never say no to anything bee-related.

1. They are very misunderstood.

I never understood why so many people are afraid of bees. It’s one thing if you are deathly allergic and can’t even mess around, but for the most part, they don’t want to touch you any more than you want to touch them. They have one goal in mind, and it isn’t to terrorize the neighborhood: it’s to make gorgeous honeycombs filled with blissful, magical honey. I always felt like I could be the one (or one of a few people) at the picnic who could defend the poor little bee. Don’t freak out, he’s just doing his job.

And please don’t hurt him, because the whole world is essentially dependent on them. 

2. They make delicious honey, which is basically perfect.

Honey is truly one of nature’s super-foods (that phrase is way over- used today, but in this case it really does apply). It’s great for skin, stomach, and even sperm, apparently. Not to mention, it’s deliciously sweet.

And if you still don’t think honey is perfect, just look at how many times honey is mentioned in the Bible! It was one of the two things the Israelites had to look forward to in the Promised Land (that and milk; which is aight). It was also the flavor of that mysterious manna the wandering people got from heaven. Wisdom is often compared to honey, and honey was generally considered the GOLD standard for sweetness. (hehe, see what I did there?)

3. They are dependent on a single Queen Bee.

Ahh, the Queen Bee: one of the signs of God’s great sense of humor. While one would think that more females would be a more efficient method of procreation (more ladies to bear the babies), honey bees work backwards – all boys and just one queen to lay all those eggs! And she’s smart about it, too: the queen determines whether to lay a male or female egg in each cell of the honeycomb depending on how big it is. All the worker bees do whatever the Queen needs to let her do her job: feed her, protect her, and take away her waste. Oh yeah, and she gets special food.

Plus, any time someone would try to tell me that patriarchy is “the natural order” and is “the way God intended it,” I would think of my favorite insect, which made me think of Deborah of Judges 4-5, which made me happy.

4. They are highly productive and hard-working.

Bees are remarkably productive; a bee hive is considered a super-organism (an organism made out of smaller organisms). They are also highly dependent on each other; a bee alone cannot survive for long without the colony. They also never move without their buddies. When it’s time for a new colony to start, the queen peaces out with about 60% of the workers in a process called swarming to start a new colony.

This is one of the best things about bees, to me. Not only are they super hard-working, but they also realize that they can’t do much on their own. I don’t think there is any such thing as a rebellious bee who just wants to “do her own thing.” Bees work hard, but they work hard together. I wish more people (ahem – me) were more like that: able to accept that we can do the best things when we are side-by side with our fellow working bees.

5. But they are also very sensitive and fragile.

If you don’t know about colony collapse disorder, it’s pretty shocking. Basically, bee colonies are just becoming dysfunctional and dying off in the millions over the last 6 years or so. Scientists still don’t know why, either! It probably has something to do with pesticides or chemicals on plants, but they can’t nail it down.

A colony can also break down if the Queen dies unexpectedly, or if the weather is not good enough for her to mate, the colony is in serious trouble. The fragility of bees reminds me that no matter how strong, organized, or productive we seem, even the smallest incident can bring us to the edge. We are not indestructible; we are delicate, dependent creatures who need God and each other to get through every moment of every day.

How can we be more like bees today? Or at least share some of those “sweet like honey” words?



Who is debarbibee?


Hi there! debarbibee is me: Deborah 🙂 I’m a wife, daughter of the King (who shares me with my parents and in-laws), sister to many, law student, artist (?), cook (?), and all-around adventurer.

I started this blog to keep a place for all my photos, memories, interests, challenges, and adventures. I don’t know if anyone will read it, but it will be here for me at least, so that someday I can look back and see all the amazing things God has done for us and brought us through.

This picture is of me and my Massimo on the greatest day of my life. We’ve been married almost and year and seriously I still can’t believe he chose me. I put up a picture of the two of us because A) there are very few pictures of me solo since we got together and B) I figured I should introduce him now, since he will probably be very much a part of these stories.

That’s all for now! I’ll keep posting more as I get inspired.



P.S. What’s with the name?

“de” = first  two letters of mon nom, DEborah

“barbi” = my last name (“I’m a Barbi girl!”)

“bee” = the meaning of my name (Deborah) is bee! hence, my all-around love for all things bumbly bee, honey, etc. (Don’t believe me? Click here)