Southern Wedding Weekend [in Pictures]


My cousin Josh and his wife Sarah.

10507985_693863820661290_1316584218_nIt has been a record year for weddings in our family: as of now, it’s looking like three this year! (But it’s not too late to book that New Year’s Eve Ceremony, if any cousins are contemplating.)

This weekend it was off to North Carolina to see my cousin Josh marry the beautiful Sarah. It was 13 hours down and about 32 hours there, and 13 hours back. A long trip, but it was so much fun to visit with everyone and a true honor to see yet another person join our family through the covenant of marriage. I hope we get to see Josh and Sarah again soon, and that God blesses them for many, many years ahead!

A few observations about this weekend:

1. Virginia is a very, very big state and I don’t understand how it gets away with being so big. Not cool. All the New England states are like, doing their thing and just taking up as little space as possible, and then Virginia is all, “Let’s be obese!” and stretches its arms and legs out as much as possible. Knock it off.


This is when we finally hit Virginia, about half-way into our trip. You start to get a little loopy.

2. Any long trip should definitely be followed by a trip to the spa. We were fortunate enough to have some basic spa passes with our accommodations at the Rock Barn Golf & Spa. And boy was that fun.


The eternal farms of Virginia.

2a. However, we should really have the spa to ourselves, as we are a talkative bunch and tend to get kicked out of quiet spaces, as we were on Saturday.

3. The reception was inspired by The Great Gatsby, and I did not know fondant could be so new money.




4. I have a shockingly attractive family. I mean, come on, have you ever seen a more beautiful group of men and women? And what’s more, they are some of the most genuine, sincere people you will ever meet. I wish we could see them more.


This is [most of] the Devenney women.


This is [most of] the Devenney men.

5. I did not know you could serve filet minion and chicken together, but boy-oh-boy can you! And they were both delicious!


6. My family is fun. Like the serious kind of fun, where you can talk about it later and it’s funny even if you weren’t there. You know? The smart fun. Hilarious.


My sisters Elizabeth and Sarah and my second cousin Miriam.

7. Me and my family are way too susceptible to that southern drawl. Just 32 hours around everyone else and we started to loose our Yankee-ness! I’m so weak!

8. Even though I’m a Barbi, I’ll always be a Devenney. It’s funny how being around different pieces of your family can show you where you get different attributes. I got to be around some of my mom’s family last week for Nana’s funeral, and then some of my Dad’s family for this wedding. And I can be with each of them and know that I’ll always be a Bos, a Devenney, and a Barbi.


I write it like the doll.




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