5 Things I Could Really Go For

Monday I made a friendly PSA, announcing 5 things I’m really over and we can just put aside until further notice. But what are we going to do with the empty space left when we take green smoothies and Miley Cyrus out of our conversations and the media?What will we talk about? What will be make? What will happen?

Here are 5 ideas that I came up with in about 35 seconds (so think what you could do with a whole minute of using your brain?!) And these are only suggestions – there are literally endless possibilities. So let’s get that creative juices flowing!


1. One of the Kardashian sisters should get a pixie cut.

When Kim went blonde? that was…. meh. If they really want to switch it up – and grab some headlines – maybe one of them should chop that impossibly long, thick, heavy hair. Just do it. You must be tired of it by now at least a little bit….I know I am. They always have the craziest long hair and I’m just wondering what one of them would look like with short hair. Do it. Do it. Just do it.


Case-in-point: I got this image from perfectgosling.com. I’m not kidding.

2. Someone needs to explain this Ryan Gosling thing.

Maybe it’s because I never saw The Notebook, or because the only movie I have seen him in was Lars and the Real Girl, but I never really understood why Ryan Gosling is supposedly like – the perfect male specimen. I mean, can someone fill me in? (Although I was a big fan of the feminist Ryan Gosling. Well done, Internet.) Everyone got so mad when they found out he was having a baby with what’s er face. Why? Calm down. And fill me in.


3. A Pinterest link-verifier.

How many times have you pinned it, and then you go back to make – I know, like .05% of the things you’ve pinned, but still – and the link is BROKEN?!? Or you have to sign in or pay for access to that vital information?!?! Or the link just sends you to some other site where the photo exists, but there is no information? WHAT am I going to do with THAT? We need a link verification on Pinterest so these dinner-time disasters don’t happen.


4. Sporks should make a comeback.

According to some, these are still in existence, but I have not had a confirmed sighting since that one picnic in 2001. It’s two utensils in one – what is not to love? They may not be the most glamorous of the utensil world, what with chilled salad forks and mini butter-knives around, but they still have a place. And I, for one, would love if Target started carrying them on a regular basis to really take our parties up a notch.

We need this. America needs this.

We need this. America needs this.

5. Another show as hilarious as The Office, as smart as Parks and Recreation, and that makes a statement like 30 Rock.

You know that horrible time of year when you find out your favorite show gets cancelled? And you think, “That’s okay, I still have these other shows I like.” Well I had that, too. Until ALL MY FAVORITE SHOWS ENDED, and NOTHING awesome replaced them. Add to this my lack of access to television channels and my serious dislike of buffering commercials on hulu, and I’m stuck with the rejects and out-dated series on Netflix. So not only do I need a new AWESOME show, but I need it three years ago, so it will be available for streaming. Get on that, NBC.




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