European Staycation


For those of you who read the title and thought, “What?!? They are going to Europe?!” I regret to inform you that we are not, in fact, going to Europe, as much as we desperately would love to.

However, on our current budget and my enrollment in law school, taking a European tour is not  – how you say? – responsible right now. While there is absolutely nothing like New England in the fall, there is always that part of me that longs to go, to break out of the stress and schedules, and to carelessly wander around strange places and meet the days I’ve dreamed of for years.

So, I could sit at home and cry about how I’m not in Europe, scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest feeds of amazing places that people I love are experiencing without me, or I could do something else. Something…. smaller. But happier.

My goal for the month of October is to travel to a European country I’ve always wanted to see, for one night a week. (I know, like this girl needs anything else going on?) But this will be a 100% fun addition to my schedule. I’m making a menu and we will be cooking and eating a new dish we’ve never made before, one night a week from each of four countries: Ireland, Netherlands, France, and Italy.

We might even pop in some music or a movie from each place, too. Who knows?! And if it goes well, we might even go to other continents later. The point is just to have fun, and to (just a little bit) travel somewhere new every week, in the only way we can right now.

Week 1: Ireland

Week 2: The Netherlands

Week 3: France

Week 4: Italy

Bon appetit!



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