Week 1: Ireland

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This is the first of our posts in our European Staycation. You can read the original post here.

Yesterday, we began our European Staycation by travelling to Ireland for the evening. Most people have Irish food at St. Patrick’s day, and it is generally corned beef and cabbage, with potatoes and carrots. This is a fine meal, but we wanted to explore new flavors in this island nation.

In my research, I found that Irish food has a lot of meat, fish, and potatoes, and that they rarely use spices other than salt and pepper. We really wanted to make Irish stew, the national dish of Ireland, but it would take at least two hours and we didn’t have that kind of time yesterday. So, we used some of their staple ingredients and had a delicious Irish feast! (And boy, were we stuffed.)


The main dishes were boxty potatoes (a potato pancake), roasted cabbage steaks, and Irish soda bread. We also enjoyed some Dubliner cheese, and had a couple of imported chocolate bars for dessert (Aero and Lion bars).

We jammed the whole time to my own Irish playlist, which mostly consisted of the The Chieftains. And at the library we found the movie Tristan and Isolde to top off the night.

These are the recipes we used:

Boxty Potatoes via Martha Stewart. The recipe was amazing, and though we were stuffed the two of us polished off the whole batch! We ate them with sour cream.

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Irish Soda Bread via Plain Chicken. This four-ingredient recipe was a snap to throw together, and it was deliciously moist! I added a few extra drops of buttermilk, as the recipe says I’m allowed. The loaf is not as big as some other recipes, so you could probably double the recipe and keep it in the single loaf pan for bigger slices.

Garlic Rubbed Roasted Cabbage via Cooking Preparation. This recipe is just pictures, but we roasted the cabbage steaks for a good 30 minutes. They were delicious, though not necessarily traditional. We just wanted some vegetables on the plate!

It was so much fun to transport ourselves to Ireland for the night. I can’t wait for the Netherlands next week!



    1. We spent the evening learning about and tasting traditional Irish dishes, but of course today most people get to taste dishes from many cultures all the time, like Thai and Chinese. Thanks for the information.

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