Month: December 2014

DIY Christmas Decor

Christmas is the most beautiful time of year, for me: full of love, joy, and expectation. And even though it’s cold, grey, and quite gloomy outside, I still love the opportunity to make at least the inside of our home warm and festive.

This will be our second Christmas together, and it was only last year that we came upon the Christmas season only to realize that we had no Christmas decorations of our own, not to mention little money to buy some, or space to store them. So what is a young couple to do? DIY, of course!

In this post, I get the chance to share some of the Christmas decorations we’ve made over the last two years, and hopefully inspire you to make some of your own! Apparently Americans spend boo-coo bucks on holiday decorations every year, but if you ask me they tend to be cookie-cutter, cheaply made, and not to mention over-priced. Each of these projects was fairly easy to do, totally unique, and not to mention practically free! I hope that you, too, can save money on Christmas and take the time to make some inexpensive do-it-yourself Christmas decorations that will last for years to come. Merry Christmas, everyone!

1.  Christmas Tree Topper


We looked for a Christmas tree topper in the stores last year, but couldn’t find anything we liked, so made our own out of necessity, and I just love how it came out! The structure we made out of cardboard, cut into triangles and taped together in a three-dimensional design. the stem is made from a toilet paper tube, which we cut a slit into and rolled tightly to make it more narrow. When everything was taped together, we made a simple paper mache mixture and paper mached a few layers of paper to make it sturdy and hard. Finally, after everything dried, I painted it white, and painted a red design on it (I found some Nordic-inspired patterns online).

2.  Painted Christmas Bottles


These can be used as bud vases, or just set on a shelf or mantle as decoration. We had some small San Pelligrino bottles lying around, and I got inspired to paint them. Bottles are great for decorations because they are sturdy, pretty smooth to paint on, and interesting because they are three-dimensional and round.

3.  Merry Christmas Banner

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I wanted some kind of banner or garland to brighten up our white walls, so this is what I came up with! It was made from cardboard (we have a lot of cardboard lying around before Christmas from all the online shopping we do!), twine from hay bails (we got that from my parents), and paint. It took a while to paint all the squares, but at least I had something to do when I took breaks from studying, and I think it came out pretty nice.

4.  Christmas Mantle

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I got the idea for this mantle from some Pinterest searching, and decided on a green and gold color scheme. The white candles and gold bells we had anyway, and we just added a few small projects to up the Christmas cheer! The garland is actually a long piece of brown paper that came in a package, which I twisted up. It kind of looks like a thick rope, which is what I was going for.

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I really wanted to add some kind of wreath to our decorations this year, but I couldn’t believe how much they cost! So I searched the motherland (aka Pinterest) and got the idea to make a giant snowflake out of Popsicle sticks. Of course, I had wide Popsicle sticks lying around, which I glued in this design I found online. I was going to paint it white, but realized that would just blend into the wall. So I had Massimo paint it with gold spray paint (which I also had lying around, of course), and voila!

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Finally, three wine bottles + one gold sharpie + three minutes = this adorable decoration for the mantle. I needed something else green, so we used some bottles and got creative. This was the easiest project ever, and seriously anyone can do it. Anyone.

Have you made any DIY Christmas Decorations? What do you think of our projects?