10 Moments Only People with a 20+ Year Old Car Understand

Someday I might have to say good-bye to my college Corolla, but until that sad day comes, we relish these precious moments together.

1. When people talk about their “sacrifice” of driving a 10-year old car.giphy

2. If someone has no idea what you drive, and then they see your sweet ride for the first time. *RESPECT*


3. It’s so easy to figure out how old your car is, because it’s as old as you! (Or in my case, as old as my husband.)


4. When you don’t have to get the emissions tested anymore, because your car has aged out!


5. At the DMV, you get to choose between antique plates or regular.


6. When people complain about their “clunker,” that simply needs a bath, but it still looks like it could beat your beast in a beauty contest any day.


7. When you realize yet another hub cap is missing. *YOLO*


8. If you ever see anything even remotely like your car anywhere.


9. When someone tries to sell you satellite radio, and you’re like, “I’m still rocking cassettes.”


10. When the Internet tries to tell you that it is so unnecessary to warm up your car anymore on cold days. Except you know that it totally is.


No matter what, that car is your’s, it is probably one of your oldest friends, you love it like no one can understand, and you sincerely dread the day you’ll have to say good-bye to your vintage vehicle. 


Love you always, Turk.



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