My 5 Favorite Things About Kate Middleton

It’s finals, and I’m exhausted and want a distraction, so here is some mild entertainment for your day. I’m a fan of the Duchess and I’m not ashamed of it.

By the way – Happy Anniversary to the Duke and Duchess!

1. She has brought all our favorite fairy tales to life.


I know she is by no means the only commoner to marry into the royal family, but she is by far the best-known. And she met the Duke at college – how Prince and Me is that?

2. Watching William and her wed was one of my fondest college memories.


In college, I had this fabulously dear group of friends who got together on Sundays to watch BBC and it was seriously the dorkiest, most lovely time. We woke up crazy early that morning (and Brenna even begrudgingly joined in), watched the royal wedding, and shared brunch after. It was cheesy and delicious and I will always hold this memory in my heart. Thank you, Kate.

3. She is older than the Prince.


Only by six months, but I still like it. It’s so weird to me how people still make a big deal out of the age differences between couples (another time, another time), but I have no shame in saying I’m eighteen months older than my husband and if it’s good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge, it’s good enough for me.

4. She provides ample appropriate work outfit ideas. 

2013-Hot-Sale-Princess-Kate-Middleton-Blue-Skirt-Suit-Kate-Middleton-Skirt-utfit-Set-FREESHIPPING 10652bbd44aa5c4e72282d5303f8dfee

Look, I don’t want to objectify this intelligent, kind woman, but she does wear some great clothes. Since female attorneys are not necessarily known for our taste in fashion, I have resigned myself to wear anything that has been donned by the Duchess or Amal Clooney – always appropriate, always classy.

5. While I would be frustrated at people camping outside my hospital waiting for my second child to be born, the Duchess sent them Donuts.


This just goes to show how generous she is. I can’t imagine the kind of pressure she must be under, bearing the heirs to the royal crown and all, but she seems to hold up very well. Good on you, Kate!

Happy Anniversary to you both, and congratulations on your growing family!


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