The “Basic Girl Fall Uniform” Is More Practical Than You Think

Don’t we all love to make fun of Basic White Girls? Especially in the fall: it’s arguably their peak season. We accuse them of being shallow, lemmings, and totally unoriginal. We have even determined the Basic Girl Fall Uniform, which can be defined with a simple Google Image search:


But I, a white girl who tends to don this uniform throughout the autumn months, am here to defend our apparent lack of originality. You see, while some have been quick to identify the trope outfits, they have failed to realize that every piece of this uniform is actually carefully calculated, and serves an important function in the fickle New England autumns.

So please, before you accuse us of being nothing but trending stereotypes, take a moment to appreciate that every element of our uniform has been engineered and perfected by roommates, bloggers, co-workers and sisters to produce an outfit that is almost universally flattering, functional, and fall-tastic. [imagine a pumpkin emoji here]

Basic White Girl



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