More DIY Christmas Decorations

It’s Massimo and my third Christmas together! I can hardly believe it. We are in a new apartment this year, but all the Christmas decorations we made during our past two Noels look just as good in our Higganum place.

This year’s DIY Christmas decor was brought to us by the woodburner that Massimo got for Christmas last year. I hope you enjoy, and have a very Merry Christmas!


1. Wooden HOPE Banner

This was a really easy design, but did take some time to execute. Massimo cut some pieces of wood for me, then I sketched the letters and stars, and took my time burning in the lines. Massimo sanded and oiled the wood to protect it, and drilled holes in each corner. A few knots in some twine and – voila! A rustic, simple reminder of the real meaning of Christmas.


3. Popcorn Garlands



Honestly, this grew out of necessity. We got a bigger tree this year than ever before, and our two strings of lights just didn’t make it sparkle the way we wanted. Instead of going out and buying more lights, like a sensible person, I stayed home and made one of the cheapest Christmas decorations in the world – popcorn garlands! I made popcorn in the microwave with a paper bag (skipped the oil), and spent a few evenings threading the kernels with a needle and thread.



3. Wooden Nativity Scene

We have wanted a nativity scene for a while, but never found one we liked or felt like spending precious money on. For this set, I started with a few pieces of wood Massimo cut out (actually, extra pieces from the HOPE garland). Then I sketched the shapes on paper, and Massimo attached them to the wood and cut them out. Then I used a wood burner to add subtle details. A quick sanding, and Massimo oiled them and attached small stands to help them stay upright.

I love how this came out – it’s so simple, and doesn’t have all the Wisemen and crowds that some other scenes have. I also made sure Mary was laying down. The woman just had a baby; let her take a break!


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