Month: May 2019

An Exciting Announcement

Massimo and I are humbled and excited to announce the two passion projects we have been creating for the last several months, and hope to complete this year. These projects were born out of grief and pain, but it is our hope to redeem the trauma we have experienced, and build something beautiful and new out of it.

In the wake of losing our brother Johnny last year, Massimo and I needed an outlet to process our overwhelming grief. We searched for something to do, maybe something which might help us heal. Being creative was the best way we found to cope with and recover from the years of struggle with his drug addiction, and the trauma of Johnny’s death. It was also the most appropriate way we could find to honor Johnny’s life, as he was, deeply, a Creator.

Massimo starting writing music. He is working on an entire album of prog-rock songs to tell the true story of Johnny’s life and struggle. He is writing it with Gabe and Luke Chase, two incredibly talented men with whom Massimo and Johnny played music often over the years. Johnny’s bass playing in this new music is sorely missed, but what they are creating out of this pain is amazing.

I cannot say enough about how important (and Good) this album is, but also how hard it is to listen to. I feel in my heart – as do they – that this music simply must be shared, no matter how difficult it is to confront.

For my part, I began to write. I am working on a book which will seek to tell the true story of the deadly Opioid Epidemic. I want to tell our story, as well as the story of this nation: the how, why, and what of this tragedy.

The story often told (that this is all Big Pharma’s fault) is a simply part of the real story. This crisis was caused by more than the pharmaceutical industry: it was formed by the unprecedented meeting of numerous factors at a particular place and time. I also hope to share how we have been healing personally, and how I feel the country may be able to stop the crisis entirely.

I share these passion projects with you for a few reasons:

First, I ask for your encouragement. If you have the chance, encourage us to see these projects to completion. We both have plenty of other things fighting for our attention and time, and these things can seem impossible to complete at times. But we both feel that God has called us to use our particular creative gifts to make something truthful and real out of this awfulness.

Second, I need your help.

While the men are almost ready to start recording music, my book is still in the beginning stages of being written. What I need right now are stories and interviews. I want to pull as many points of view and personal experience as possible for this book, particularly from those personally affected by the opioid crisis, and those trying to treat and/or prevent drug addiction (teachers, social workers, doctors, police officers, school administrators, volunteers, etc.). I am focusing my story on East Haddam and the surrounding region, but I want to hear from anyone who wants to contribute.

If you are interested in submitted a message or story for the book, or if you would like to volunteer to be interviewed, please email me at, or send me a Facebook message.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this exciting announcement, and thank you in advance for your support and encouragement. The album and book started as means for our personal processing and recovery, but we have realized that sharing these things with the world may help the millions of people out there dealing with the very same pain we have felt. We greatly appreciate your help in making these projects happen.

love, D. E. Barbi Bee and Massimo