letter to grandma

A Letter to My Grandmother


I talk to my grandmother all the time – events, in church, just  when I’m alone. But I wanted to publish this letter to be read by whomever so desires because I want everyone to know how amazing she was. I want her to live on. 

Dear Grandma,

I miss you. I missed you yesterday and I’ll miss you again tomorrow. We learned about Heaven again this week in church. I love imagining you up there, worshiping God. I bet you’re helping all the kids up there, too. They are probably getting distracted and you are helping them pay attention and have fun. You had this amazing way of walking on stage in front of 200 excited, sweaty kids and getting them to listen while you tell them all about what’s happening the next day at VBS. I have no idea how you did that. I wish I did.

I keep asking God to tell you how much we miss you and love you. I hope he’s giving you my messages.

William got married last weekend. You would have loved it. He married a beautiful girl named Mayra. She loves the Lord, just like you would have  wanted. She and William are hoping to return to Peru to be missionaries, helping teenagers learn about Jesus. You would be so proud. Remember how excited you were when Uncle Stephen and Aunt Holly went to Guinea Bissau as missionaries? Yeah, it’s like that. I can still hear your voice talking about it.

They are staying at your house for a little while, which is really good because Grandpa just had heart surgery. He’s doing really well, you would be proud of him for that, too. He misses you a lot. It’s been almost eight years. A lot has happened in that time. You have more grandchildren, more grand-nieces and nephews, and even a new daughter-in-law.

I got married almost a year ago. His name is Massimiliano, but I call him Massimo. He’s truly wonderful. He loves me so much, sometimes I think my heart is going to explode. He went to eighth grade in East Haddam, so I like to hope that you’ve seen him before. He’s changed a lot since then, but I tell him about you all the time. You would have liked our wedding. We got married at Camp Bethel, just like mom and dad. Nana even made it, trying to steal the show, as always.

Susannah graduated from Hale-Ray last week. She’s going to Nyack and wants to be a teacher or a librarian, like you. She’s so smart and beautiful and kind- all your grandchildren are. I don’t think you have a bad apple in the bunch! How does that happen? You must be watching out for us. I hope you are.

I’ll keep thinking of you. Every once in a while someone brings you up. They talk about how you changed their life, and what they remember most about you. I think that you might have changed everyone you ever met.

I really wish you could know my husband, and Mayra, and Anthony’s soon-to-be wife, Bekah. We’ll always wish you were still here, but we also have the hope of meeting you again. We have hope because death is not the end. I hope you still smell the same way when I see you again. I love you, Grandma.